Medical-Cable-Tec GmbH is a specialist for fine ropes of smallest diameter according to standards and customer specification. We offer a wide range of application related know-how for customised system solutions. Especially the automotive industry requires such a development competence. Our fine ropes and strands come into operation in mechanical safety features of vehicles. We also offer interesting solutions in any other complex precision mechanical system or sensitive medical application.


Product range

  • Strands and ropes made of:
    • Wires from 0.018 mm up to 0.60 mm diameter
    • Wires made of zinc-plated and non-alloyed steel wire
    • Wires made of rust-proof steel
    • Wires made of NE-composition (e.g. bronze, brass)
    • Wires made of steel/cupper coating
  • Coatings of thermo-plastics, elastomerics and fluorine thermoplastics